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Founded in 2015...

Spotless Mobile Detailing is a company built on quality service and customer satisfaction. Since our inception, our sole focus has been to provide the best detailing experience and overall value in Charleston. In our three years of service, we have acquired a vast wealth of knowledge and specialized equipment which prepares us to deal with any and all detailing needs that may arise. We are equipped to deal with all levels of service ranging from residential to commercial applications. As our customers will attest, you're only impressed when you go with the best!


Detailing services

At Spotless Detailing, we strive to offer our customers a wide range of services to meet any need. We offer services ranging from basic interior or exterior details, to full car detail and paint restoration. Our packages are built to satisfy!

Express detail

Our most popular package, the express detail, includes all of the basic detailing necessities. Starting with a luxurious foam bath to remove built up dirt, bugs, and grime. We scrub wheels, tires, and wheel wells to remove built-up break dust and dirt. The exterior is finalized with a Rain-x window treatment, spray wax, and a hydrating tire dressing. With our attention turned to the interior, we start off by vacuuming any dirt and debris from all surfaces. Clean all interior surfaces including dash, windows, door panels and jams, cup holders, etc. Our express detail package is perfect to pair with our add ons/extras to create a fully customizable detail experience.

Coupes/sedans - $120*

Trucks/small SUVs - $140*

Large trucks/ SUVs (third row) - $160*


add ons/extras


  • Full headliner cleaning - $30*
  • Upholstery cleaning - $40*
  • Carpet cleaning - $50*
  • Full upholstery w/ headliner - $100*
  • Pet hair removal - $15*
  • Leather cleaning/conditioning - $30*
  • Interior condition/UV protection - $20*
  • Fabric protection (Scotch guard) - $20*


  • Paste wax upgrade - $20*
  • Sealant upgrade - $50*
  • 3-step paint correction - $100*
  • Trim renewal - $30*
  • Engine bay detail - $30*
  • Sap removal - $20*
  • Clay bar - $50*

Spotless detail

The Spotless detail, our most premier detail experience, personifies luxury in a way that only Spotless Detailing can. This package includes everything from the Express detail. Also included, is a 3-step paint correction to remove swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation and other paint defects, and is completed with a paste wax. All exterior trim is hydrated with a trim renewal dressing to bring back lost color. Within the interior, we do a full upholstery cleaning including carpets, seats, and headliner to remove any stains or set in dirt. Depending on the material of the seats, this package includes either leather cleaning/conditioning or seat upholstery cleaning. We condition and UV protect all interior surfaces to prolong life and prevent cracking. To finish off the interior, we treat all upholstery and fabrics with Scotch guard to help prevent future staining. If you're looking for the premier mobile detailing experience in Charleston, this is the option for you!

Coupes/sedans - $300*

Trucks/Small SUVs - $340*

Large trucks/SUVs - $380*


*Prices listed are starting prices and vary depending on condition and severity


Boats, rvs, and motorcycles

Spotless Mobile Detailing specializes in all types of vehicles, not just automobiles! Not only are we a full service mobile detailer for automobiles, we also offer the same full-range services to our boat, RV, and motorcycle customers as well. So if you've come here seeking a fresh coat of wax on your boat or RV, or to polish up the chrome on your motorcycle, don't worry, you've come to the right place. We offer competitive pricing and have the experience/equipment to get any job done.

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spotless memberships

In order to keep vehicles in the best condition possible, they need to be detailed regularly. Spotless Mobile Detailing's membership program is designed to give our customers' peace of mind knowing that their vehicle will be taken care of regularly to ensure that "new car" look is always maintained, no matter the location or schedule. We offer many different customizable membership packages depending on the frequency of the desired detail service. With weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly packages, you're sure to find an option that maintains your vehicle to your satisfaction. Call or email us today for pricing!